About Us

We are Adelaide’s most loved professional cleaners and provide various residential and commercial cleaning services with best quality of work.

Who We Are

Our Vision and Core Values

Equipped with the best

We have a very inclusive environment where the team is best equipped with the necessary tools and products. All our team members are qualified and certified cleaner and also display best work ethics. 

The customer gets to choose the type of product they would like the team to use for cleaning purpose and provide any kind of information or details required which will be helpful for the team’s safety.

Customer can send in their grievances to us and we will address the issue within 1 business day. We have an automated booking system. You can call us or book online

Our team

Adam Cheise


Adam is the director of this company and have always dreamt about serving the best and his efforts has lead this company become the top performing this year. 

Amanda Lee


Amanda looks into all things perfect and make sure our clients are satisfied. She supervises the team and maintains a great work environment. 

Larry Flint


Larry is a professional with around 10 years of experience and has an eye for detail. He has been with us since the start and is one of the most trustable employee. 

Melisa Pomero


Melisa is here to address all your grievances and complains, sort it out quickly and professionally. She is exceptional at her work and makes sure that the client receive all the necessary support from us.